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2005 Kawasaki Ninja 500 / 500R (EX500-D12) - $3700

Reply to: anon-103354837@craigslist.org
Date: 2005-10-11, 10:32AM EDT

Ninja 500R (498cc) with 7300 miles. One owner, garage-kept, runs well, excellent handling, light bike (388 lbs dry). Small scratches on left mirror housing, left bar end, and left front turn signal, from slow drop at the end of my driveway last December.

Great commuter vehicle, averaging 48 mpg. Service performed on schedule at 600 and 4000 miles. Break-in procedure followed flawlessly. Only 1000 miles on new Avon tires.

Also selling luggage which was used with the Ninja. For sale separately, or we can work out a price when you buy the bike.

Three piece matching blue Tourmaster luggage (two saddle bags and a tail bag) and black magnetic mount Tourmaster super mini tank bag. Buy them all and take a weekend trip, or just use the tank bag for easy access to small items. All bags include rain covers.

More motorcycle pictures and information: http://www.ozzy.net/jdscott/ninja/


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